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Ostara Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation that works closely with the Australian Government, member organisations, communities and employers to place people disadvantaged through age, health, disability or cultural background into sustainable employment.

Our holistic approach is to address both the vocational and non-vocational barriers faced by disadvantaged job seekers. As such, we deliver personalised employment services, whilst also working in collaboration with countless community and welfare organisations to help job seekers with any mental, cultural or emotional challenges.

We are the largest mental health specialist within the Disability Employment Services  sector, and are proud to have matched over 1700 employers with job seekers over the past year – creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Ostara News Updates

"People make the worst decisions in their lives due to unemployment, it is soul destroying

William describes his journey into employment and the benefits of the right job at the right level has had on his Mental Health. Thanks to the assistance received from EC Wendy Collins and the rest of the Brisbane staff, William is able to find new purpose. Read More
Accessing the hidden job market

Accessing the hidden job market

Only a small percentage of jobs are formally advertised. So how do you access the many that are not? Read More
IGA and Ostara Australia help Athena overcome physical and mental hurdles to land a job

IGA and Ostara Australia help Athena overcome physical and mental hurdles to land a job

Athena Kyle had a number of challenges in her life, including a car accident, a degenerative condition, a mental illness and children relying on her despite financial stress. Read More