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A.R.T Employment

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Established in 2011, A.R.T Employment Pty Ltd (Aboriginal Recruitment Training and Employment) is an Aboriginal owned and managed company, established to develop and implement innovative and unique Aboriginal training and employment models of national significance.

As a company A.R.T Employment is committed to overcoming disadvantage for Aboriginal people and their communities across Australia. To overcome disadvantage A.R.T Employment focuses on enhancing employment opportunities, business creation opportunities and economic independence.

A.R.T Employment was acknowledged on 27 June 2013 by winning, in conjunction with Holden, the Australian Resource Institute National Diversity Award for Indigenous Employment.

National Diversity Award for Indigenous Employment

Key Personnel

ALLAN JONES - Managing Director

Allan Jones

Allan, as the Managing Director of A.R.T Employment, has over 15 years’ experience managing and coordinating Aboriginal jobs and training projects nationally. In 2011, the South Australian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs appointed Allan to the South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Committee to provide high-level advice to state policies and strategic planning.

Allan is the inaugural and current Chairperson of the Marni Waiendi Aboriginal Transition Centre, which is a national and state award winning Aboriginal Transition Centre in areas of training, innovation and building capacity within Aboriginal communities.

MICHAEL O’LOUGHLIN - National Director, Industry Partnerships

Michael O Loughlin

Michael O’Loughlin is a former professional Australian Rules footballer, who played his entire Australian Football League career with the Sydney Swans. Mr O’Loughlin is one of the most decorated Indigenous Australian players in the history of the Australian Football League, recognised through being named a member of the Indigenous Team of the Century, and being just the third player with Indigenous heritage to play 300 AFL games. Mr O’Loughlin’s representative honours include: 2005 premiership player, twice achieving All-Australian selection, playing for Australia twice in the International Rules Series and a Fos Williams Medalist as best player for South Australia in the State of Origin.

Since leaving the AFL, Mr O’Loughlin has continued a media profile. In September 2009, he launched the Goodes O’Loughlin Foundation along with co-Chairman Adam Goodes, focusing on Education, Employment, and Healthy Lifestyles, the Foundation’s mission being to develop and empower the next generation of Indigenous role models in Australia.

Mr O’Loughlin joined A.R.T Employment in 2013 as the National Director for Industry Partnerships. Mr O’Loughlin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the development of national partnerships; thus enabling real employment opportunities for Aboriginal job seekers that register with A.R.T Employment.



With its national partnerships with Aboriginal communities, Ostara Australia and Aboriginal community organisations, A.R.T Employment has a readymade Aboriginal jobseekers database and network that can supply and meet the demands of any workforce nationally.


A.R.T Employment has extensive experience in the development, management and delivery of industry specific nationally accredited training programs. These programs enable Aboriginal job seekers’ learning needs to be met in a culturally inclusive learning space whilst upholding the entry level skill sets and qualifications required by Industry.

As a company its focus is on stimulating learning in the area of Corporate Competencies; topic areas include:

  • Understanding the Corporate World
  • Understanding how Industry Operates
  • Understanding Cultural Diversity
  • Understanding Human Resources, Policies and Procedures
  • Managing Social and Behaviour Change “Going from Unemployment to Employment”.

The training packages deliver both work hardening skill sets and accredited training, thus empowering Aboriginal job seekers with competencies to be successful in any workforce.

Samples of training packages include:

  • Mining and Civil Construction
  • Trade Training
  • Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Retail Operations


Mentoring is a combination of case management and coaching methodologies that provides job seekers with both tools and intensive ‘one to one’ support to enable a successful transition from unemployment into employment.  A.R.T Employment specialises in workplace mentoring for the employer and employee.


Corporate and public organisations now operate inclusive of a diverse workforce and client base. Whether it is locally, regionally, state-wide or nationally, engaging with Aboriginal clients, community, colleagues or suppliers, interaction with Aboriginal people now is an everyday occurrence.

BUT, are organisations supporting their staff to understand and become competent doing business with Aboriginal people?

The lack of cultural awareness preparation has many levels of impact - from an embarrassing moment to a breakdown in intercompany communication, to a loss of service or poor service.

A.R.T Employment’s training will enable participants to be equipped with the practical tools and techniques necessary to live and work in an Aboriginal inclusive and understanding environment.

For more information visit the A.R.T Employment website