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Ostara Australia Staff Testimonials

Greg Bull - Community Partnership Advocate

“As someone with lived experience, I know how hard it is to regain confidence in a world where some opinions can be blinded by ignorance – especially surrounding Mental Health.

Ostara Australia is extraordinary to me for a couple of good reasons, I was given the chance to embark on a career with a leading Disability Employment Service specialising in Mental Health. My journey with team Ostara commenced as an Employment Coach at Chermside, and I then transferred to Upper Mt Gravatt, also as an Employment Coach – a role I still cherish.

In 2016 I was selected to manage the South Brisbane ESA as the Service Coordinator.

Now as we commence significant changes to contract for DES, I was offered and accepted the role of Community Partnership Advocate in Brisbane, I do love a challenge.

Ostara Australia has challenged me to develop the capability and capacity to empower clients so they may find their strengths and succeed in their own goals. By providing exceptional training and guidance I have always appreciated the support from the whole team, including Senior Management that has cemented my future and resolution. Thank you."

Joe Cicala - Employer Partnership Advocate

“I would like to express my gratitude to Ostara Australia for giving me the opportunity to work with a team of people who lead by example and treat one another and our clients with dignity, respect and give them hope for the future, during what can be a difficult time in their lives.

Clients and business owners tell me that Ostara is one of many agencies they have dealt with this year, yet the only one that has not made clients feel invisible or irrelevant and consistently kept in contact with them via phone calls, emails and face to face, to check on both the clients and businesses owners welfare and to discuss future employment opportunities. How refreshing in this age of apathy."

Michelle Jessen - Job College Facilitator
“Being an employee of Ostara Australia, I have had more job satisfaction than I have ever experienced with any other organisation. I cannot measure the satisfaction I feel when I see a positive change in a client that I have worked with.

However, for me what I most value is the open, friendly and supportive relationships I have with all the Managers I have worked with at Ostara. My current Manager recognises and values my dedication and effort - this intrinsic reward far surpasses any monetary value attached to my job."