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Ostara Australia Employment Consultant at Subway

Our Approach

Ostara Australia stands committed and focused on establishing positive, long-lasting partnerships with our employer network, and facilitating effective working relationships between employer and employee.

We provide specialised recruitment expertise with local knowledge. Our personalised friendly approach is backed up with skilled consultants and a national database of job-ready candidates.

We understand that all businesses are different. Depending on the structure of your organisation, Ostara Australia can provide a complete solution to your recruitment needs, including an initial analysis of your business and assisting you with any HR recruiting strategies you may wish to employ in the future.

Alternatively, for larger companies with an existing Human Resource department, Ostara Australia will partner with you to provide competent, confident and knowledgable staff, whilst working with your corporate office to help you deliver your Diversity or Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Ostara Australia also works with many organisations to educate existing staff about diversity in the workplace and the misconceptions associated with people with disabilities, together creating more inclusive Australian workplaces.