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“I’m so highly blessed to have Rosie in my life. As a single mother with obstacle’s that no can understand unless one been through. Meeting Rosie entirely changed my life. Today Rosie has helped beyond belief to get me started with my unexpected cater. What an amazing person Rosie is. Surprising and overwhelming she helped me obtain an ABN number because of Rosie I am back on my feet and will be earning money. I have high respect for Rosie.”


“I was most impressed because the people at Ostara Australia were very helpful to me, and the support I got really helped me and made things happen quite quickly. At each appointment we would go through the jobs my Employment Consultants had found for me that he thought might suit my capabilities and he would help me apply for them. It wasn’t long before I got an interview. I’m really grateful for the support that Ostara Australia has given me. Just having that support, and knowing there’s someone to talk about how things are going, really helps.”


“I’d never been a part of an employment service before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was greeted with nothing but support and people that cared. And I felt really comfortable. It was a bit tricky getting a job in my town, it’s been pretty tough here for a few years, but no one at Ostara Australia ever gave up, they said we’ll keep trying. And that was just so helpful, like, having someone cheer you on I guess. They kept saying it will happen, you will get a job. I’ve always felt supported with New Horizons and Ostara Australia, I’ve always enjoyed coming to my appointments and it’s been uplifting.”

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National Panel of Assessors (NPA)

The National Panel of Assessors (NPA) is a board of qualified external providers appointed by the Australian Government – Department of Social Services (DSS) to deliver Ongoing Support (OSA) for DES participants and Supported Wage (SWS & SESA) assessments which determine productivity-based wage for Supported Wages System participants. These services seek to assist participants who have a diagnosed disability and are seeking employment and/or support to sustain ongoing employment into the future.
Our team of Allied Health Professionals conduct OSA and SWS assessment services across the States of New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD) and Western Australia (WA).

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