Founded in 2001, Ostara Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation that works closely with communities and employers to provide employment services for those job seekers with disabilities in Australia.


We recognise the barriers to employment for individuals dealing with mental illness and disability. With 20 years of experience in this area, we understand the unique needs required from a Disability Employment Service provider. Our holistic approach addresses both the vocational and non-vocational barriers faced by job seekers with disabilities. As such, we deliver personalised employment services, whilst also working in collaboration with countless community and welfare organisations to help job seekers with any mental, cultural or emotional issues. Through research and experience, we know that the high unemployment rate among people with disabilities is the result of external barriers, rather than a lack of capacity or motivation.

These barriers are often based on ignorance, discrimination, stigma or inflexibility in accommodating special needs within the workplace.

So how do we help? We work with employers to remove these barriers to meaningful employment. Through collaboration, we give employers a voice as champions and leaders in integrating equity, diversity, recovery and wellbeing within the workplace and beyond.

Ostara Australia has a vision for creating a future for Australia where people and communities with disabilities are socially and economically included.

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Where we are

Ostara Australia and our partner organisations have offices up and down the east coast of Australia.