Our Mission and Values

 As a provider of Disability Employment Services, (DES) and National Panel of Assessors (NPA) both Australian Government Initiatives, Ostara Australia has over 20 years’ experience assisting people with a disability.

We are well versed in offering and delivering a quality service that welcomes all individuals input, recognition of a client’s goals for their future and the freedom to express their own way of life.

The Ostara culture is instilled in our everyday practices, our policies, and expectations that everyone including Board, management, staff, contractors, and volunteers ensure a client centred approach, openly inviting all human diversity, working towards a more inclusive society.

We aim to provide consistency, individual tailored servicing and help as many people as we can. We believe in our purpose, mission, vision, and values.

Our Purpose

Increasing employment opportunities through collaboration, opportunity, advocacy, and inclusion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase employment opportunities for people with mental health.

Our Vision

We strive for a society where people with mental health are valued, included, and employed.

Ostara Australia provides support aligned with a client focused practices that work on the goals, capabilities and aspirations of our clients.

We work hard to make people feel safe, included and supported throughout their journey.

From employment assistance to ongoing support, our team will be there for you.

Our Values


Our mission is to increase employment opportunities for people with mental health.


Our team understand life’s issues and challenges through personal experience, training, and our strength- based delivery model.


We listen to our clients and partner with employers, community organisations and other stakeholders to ensure the best outcome.


We are passionate about our people, our clients, and the community in working towards an inclusive society for all Australians.


We are dedicated to privacy and confidentiality, we are committed to safe and secure sites and stringent processes to protect our clients and our people.