Have you heard about SLES? (School Leaver Employment Supports)

Get that extra support in preparing for working life with the School Leaver Employment Supports program. Through this service, we can assist you to gain the necessary skills and experience to realise your career goals.

Getting a job is not just about earning money. Studies have shown that fulfilling employment leads to a greater sense of purpose and motivation… basically, the right job can improve your mental health.

Each individual receives a custom program tailored to their need and aspirations. We aim to empower you to take charge of your future. Therefore, participants get to decide on planning goals and the strategies used to get them there. However, we also understand that each person’s needs can evolve, so your program is flexible as a result. These employment support programs specialise in

  • Setting employment goals
  • Overcoming challenges at work
  • Other activities to support you in developing a rewarding career

Our approach is strength-based and person-centred. Meaning empowered school-leavers have ownership over their progress and outcomes. In this program, our highly experienced coaches support each participant. Specifically, they are focused on helping every participant reach their potential. Additionally, they aim to give you the support you need in order to successfully achieve and maintain employment.

SLES Eligibility

To participate and take advantage of this NDIS funded support program, you need to be;

  • In the final year of school or recently left school (generally up to the age of 22)
  • Eligible for NDIS – to find out if you qualify, click here
  • Eager to upskill and further develop yourself to become work-ready.

Need more information, click this link:  https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/working-provider/school-leaver-employment-supports