Thinking of becoming an NPA Assessor?

Ostara Australia is an approved member of the National Panel of Assessors (NPA) by the Department of Social Services (DSS).  Ostara employs NPA Assessors who are independent contractors (fee for service) approved by the DSS to conduct Ongoing Support (OSA) and Supported Wage (SWS) Assessments across all ESA’s in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD) and Western Australia (WA).

To be eligible to become an approved NPA Assessor all potential Assessors are required to hold the following qualifications and experience:

  • Diploma or Higher-level qualification in an allied health field such as
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Psychology
    • Rehabilitation Counsellor
    • Vocational Training

with at least two years of practical experience in disability employment or a related field.

The DSS & Ostara require all approved members of the National Panel of Assessors to hold a current Working with Children’s Check (Blue Card for QLD), National Criminal Check (valid within a 2-year period) and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

NPA Assessors will conduct Ongoing Support Assessment (OSA) and Supported Wage Assessments (SWS & SESA) on behalf of Ostara Australia. All Assessments are expected to be conducted onsite with the DES providers, participants, and employers (where applicable).

To be a successful NPA Assessor you will hold the following personal attributes:

• Ability to communicate effectively with a wide cross-section of stakeholders,

• Ability to handle sensitive information in a secure and appropriate manner,

• High level of skill required to assess barriers and negotiate appropriate solutions to meet the needs of people with disability,

• High-level problem-solving skills,

• High level report writing skills,

• Initiative and organisational skills to manage assessments and follow up autonomously,

• Ability to work within strict timeframes and compliance requirements.

All NPA Assessors are expected to confirm to the following performance standards as set by DSS and Ostara.

• The level of satisfaction expressed by external and internal customers,

• Assessments accepted and completed within a timely fashion and within expected DSS standards.

• Ability to adhere to all DSS guidelines and requirements (KPI’s set by DSS).

NPA Assessors will conduct Ongoing Support Assessment (OSA) and Supported Wage Assessments (SWS & SESA) on behalf of Ostara Australia. All Assessments are expected to be conducted onsite with the DES providers, employers, and participants.

Ongoing Support Assessments are designed to review a participant’s current employment requirements to ensure the person with a disability can maintain their employment. To be eligible for this service all participants must be supported by a DES provider and in post placement support. The role of an NPA Assessors is to review the level of support and assistance required by the participant to carry out the role and successfully maintain their employment. Our NPA Assessor will listen to how the participant is are going in their role, the effectiveness of existing support being provided, any changes in the participants health, the role or the workplace since their last assessment and any other relevant factors. The NPA Assessor will then make recommendations based on their observations and information provided to ensure the correct level of support is received by the participant.

A Supported Wage System Assessment (SWS) has been designed to promote employment for people who cannot work at full award wages because of a disability. They are designed to review all the factors involved in an employee’s working day and help the employee and employer to reach an agreement regarding what is a ‘fair wage’. These assessments take place in the workplace and in conjunctions with all parties such as DES providers, employers & employees. All SWS agreements are forwarded to the Fair work Commission for review and approval in accordance with the relevant award.

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