Success Stories | Alexandra

“I was referred to Ostara through another company as Ostara specialises in mental health and they would be able to assist in the support that I was needing.

Ostara worked with me to build my confidence to interact with others and to participate in interviews My mental health has always been a challenge and I have not been able to hold down employment for long periods of time. I find it hard to trust people and open up however, being with Ostara I was provide a safe place to tell my story and not to be judge. I have been with Ostara for around 3 years and I will continue to stay with the company as I am still needing the support that they provide. I am currently with the ongoing support team and I have been encourage to see my self worth, identify my limitations and take on full time employment. I first started out as a causal and within the last few weeks have been able to accept and work full time employment hours.

My future goals are to maintain my employment for a long period of time and building a life that I wish to live while bring awareness to the community about mental health.”

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