Success Stories | Emre

Emre has been long term unemployed and has been working closely with EC Daniel Kretschmar.

Emre has had some issues with confidence in working, though after spending time with EC Daniel Kretschmar and becoming more motivated, he has been successful in finding a role. Emre showed much potential, even when he didn’t believe in himself. EC Daniel Kretschmar made sure that he was hearing the right words to inspire him to find work. EC DK did obtain Emre’s seek account and did apply on his behalf. Which showed Emre that he was a wanted employee for companies as he was getting call backs for interviews and interest in his resume.

Emre is approaching his 4th week in the company that he found himself. He is advising that the role is completely suited for him and that the flexibility there is great also. He can see himself working in it as a career.

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