Success Stories | Leanne Chan


Leanne first engaged with Ostara Australia over 6 months ago feeling anxious, inadequate and measuring herself against the success of other people. Understandably, this took its toll on Leanne’s self esteem and she was seeking was in need of some encouragement and direction to get back on her feet.

With the help of Employment Consultant Danielle, Leanne was asked if she would be interested in applying for a Community Care Worker position that was advertised online. Leanne’s response was enthusiastic and open; she submitted her application and as a result secured the job!

Three months on, Leanne is a much happier person. “Contributing to society, caring for the elderly and helping to make them feel safe, secure and loved brings such a strong sense of meaning to my life”.

In addition, soon Leanne will undertake the Certificate III in Aged Care as provided by her employer.

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