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Help for parents to work or train

Are you caring for a child under six and living with a mental health issue or a disability?

Do you feel that your caring responsibilities or other challenges are preventing you from getting a job or doing job-related training?

We can help.

Building skills to find a job

Ostara Australia helps people living with a mental illness or disability to build skills to find a sustainable, meaningful job.

This includes education or training.

As someone caring for a child under six, we will work with you to learn exactly what supports will help you progress towards a job, then we will tailor our services to meet your needs.

What we offer

Our vocational support services include:

  • skill development
  • resume building
  • goal setting
  • assistance with job search and interviews
  • career counselling and personal mentoring
  • mental health and disability support
  • access to a national network of employers.

We can also help you engage in education and training through assistance with course fees, text books and childcare costs.

Your journey towards a meaningful, sustainable career could start here.

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