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Job Seeker Testimonials


"I'm so highly blessed to have Rosie in my life. As a single mother with obstacle's that no can understand unless one been through. Meeting Rosie entirely changed my life. Today Rosie has helped beyond belief to get me started with my unexpected cater. What an amazing person Rosie is. Surprising and overwhelming she helped me obtain an ABN number because of Rosie I am back on my feet and will be earning money. I have high respect for Rosie."

FROM ATHENA - April 2016

“The first thing I noticed was the empathy they showed me. They really listened to my story and what my aims were in looking for work. All the way through my time with Ostara Australia my consultants have looked for jobs that they thought might suit me and that I might be interested in. Just having a job makes you feel more comfortable and secure. My son has just moved back home and is looking for work, on top of my daughter needing some help, so any extra money I can earn helps take the pressure off. I’m really grateful to Ostara Australia and IGA Manly for their support in finding this job, it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills that help me in this role and could also help open up new employment options for me in the future.”

FROM CHARITY - March 2016

"I’d never been a part of an employment service before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was greeted with nothing but support and people that cared. And I felt really comfortable. It was a bit tricky getting a job in my town, it’s been pretty tough here for a few years, but no one at Ostara Australia ever gave up, they said we’ll keep trying. And that was just so helpful, like, having someone cheer you on I guess. They kept saying it will happen, you will get a job. I’ve always felt supported with New Horizons and Ostara Australia, I’ve always enjoyed coming to my appointments and it’s been uplifting."

FROM KRISTINA - January 2016

"I was applying for jobs, but never really hearing anything back. Ostara Australia helped me to fix up my resume and they gave me all these different websites where I could apply for jobs. And they would let me know about jobs I could apply for on my own. It’s great, just working, it’s much better than struggling to find one. I’m actually working two jobs. And Ostara Australia still helps me, I can just go in and talk to them about how things are going at work, and if I need help with uniforms or something, they’re able to help me." 

FROM STEPHEN - November 2015

“I was most impressed because the people at Ostara Australia were very helpful to me, and the support I got really helped me and made things happen quite quickly. At each appointment we would go through the jobs my Employment Consultant had found for me that he thought might suit my capabilities and he would help me apply for them. It wasn’t long before I got an interview. I’m really grateful for the support that Ostara Australia has given me. Just having that support, and knowing there’s someone to talk about how things are going, really helps.”

FROM KOSA - August 2015

"Once I went to Ostara Australia/Nexus Human Services and I met the people, I went to some interviews, then the job offer – it was my second interview – it was all like a dream come true. I feel so lucky, and so grateful that Ostara Australia/Nexus Human Services is working with less fortunate people like me who might have problems. I never thought I would get a job on my own. Because you have to have connections to get a job. And that’s what Ostara Australia/Nexus Human Services does. They shop around for us, they know employers who can help us."

FROM MARIE - July 2015

"Ostara Australia gave me fantastic support. I really connected with Deb, the moderator, and I think the program was fantastic, it gave me a little bit of a kick up the bum and some confidence that I’m OK, yep, I can get back out into the workforce and succeed."


"My Employment Consultant helped me towards completing some training, supporting my work, meeting every two weeks, and it was great support because outside the walls people were not believing in me, they were saying I should be happy and satisfied with the pension I was living on, just living with my medication and my therapy. But Ostara Australia helped me greatly, with paperwork, and directing me to improve my skills and my education."


"I had been unemployed for a long time. I had done so many courses and received so many certificates but none helped me to find a job. Being given the opportunity to learn about customer service, how to use retail equipment, and the different produce and products in-store was eye-opening and practical. My new job has everything I want for the moment - I talk to people, I learn something new every day and my skills and confidence are growing... for the first time I actually feel supported in a job."

FROM REBECCA - December 2014

"Being employued has really improved my wellbeing. My first wage helped me get my car fixed and now I've been able to connect the internet. It was a huge deal to not have to rely on someone else to pay my bills for me. Having work feels like I'm really contributing to something now."  

FROM GERARD - September 2013

“I have been a client of Ostara Australia for close to three years.  During this time, they have helped me gain valuable employment skills and build my resume up, which will continue to assist me with employment opportunities in the future. My confidence in my working ability has increased tenfold since I was first transferred to Ostara Australia, and I am now feeling positive about the future." 

FROM CHRIS - September 2013

"I have been a client of Ostara Australia for approximately 18 months. During this time, Ostara Australia has supported me in achieving my work goals by helping me to complete a certificate 4 in Driving Instruction, whilst assisting me with searching for employment and addressing addictions through greater emotional understanding. With their help, I am now in full time work as a driving instructor.
It was not an easy road for me, but Ostara Australia’s helpful staff were with me every step of the way – I couldn’t have done it without them. 

Thanks Ostara Australia!"